Medal of Honor: Warfighter Preview Event

Recently I was invited to a sneak preview event at EA Games Australia, want to know what happened next? Well you’ll just have to keep reading.

My mission for the night was to rendezvous with Pidego,  Jiggsy and some other lucky community members to check out the latest in the Medal of Honor series, the highly anticipated Warfighter.

After meeting up with everyone outside the EA Games Australia head office we were all escorted upstairs and then into the Warfighter bunker that had been set up in a corner of the EA HQ. The room (re: bunker) had been set up in spectacular fashion, the room was adorned with the flags of the various nations represented in the game, wartime paraphernalia, camouflage and of course our weapons for the night, 12 high end Origin PC’s set up in a LAN with top of the line Razer gear and widescreen HD monitors to make sure that we could all experience as much of what the game had to offer as we possibly could.

Once we had all had a chance to grab a PC each Pidgeo and Jiggsy ran though some ground rules for the night and then we got to see a video from the games producers that talked about the many unique features of the game such as  usage of tier 1 fighters, the new co-op like experience called “Fire teams” which allows players to identify their fire team partners location no matter where they are on the map and one of the most appealing things to me was the option to chose between best of the best special operations units from around the globe including Australia’s very own SASR rather than the standard America vs. generic bad guys.

When the video had concluded we all finally got to get some hands on with the game and there are a few things id like to highlight before I go any further:

1: I am by no means a great FPS player

2: I am primarily a console gamer

3: I am most certainly not use to playing any FPS on a PC

Now with that said and even though we all had a limited amount of time to play I have to say I was impressed with this game and after bugging my fire team partner multiple times to ask how to do some very basic stuff and I finally started to get the hang of it I genuinely enjoyed playing this game. The range of classes that had are available to the player in the game gives all players the opportunity to find a class that suits their particular playing style such as Assault, Sniper, Demolitions, Point Man, Heavy Gunner, and Spec Ops. All of these various styles have there own strengths and weaknesses to make sure that no one class is to powerful but when combined with the fire team feature players can easily work together to create a dynamic that can be hard to beat.

Even Alcatraz wanted to get in on the MOH: Warfighter action

The level we got to play was a Somalia pirate base and the game mode was essentially a variation of capture the flag and even though we were told this was an early build of the game the environment and game play were fantastic. The functionality of the in game perks system that allows players to utilized things such as weaponized UAV’s or call down helicopters laden with mini guns to help suppress the activities of the opposing team was a great feature, but even with all these options and all the added extras I still managed to get my ass handed to me on multiple occasions, but it didn’t matter the game and the atmosphere that EA games had created for this event was just that enjoyable I didn’t care that I was losing.

Just while I’m on that point most people who know me know that I am more than a little camera happy when it comes to game events and this once again speaks to the caliber of the event and the game, but I became that focused on the game and the talking with the other community members that I almost forgot to get any pictures at all.

This was a great night and it was fantastic to be able to catch up with other community members and all the hard working EA Games Australia team. I would like to thank EA Games for inviting me and for putting on another brilliant event, cant wait to see what they have lined up for next time.




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One response to “Medal of Honor: Warfighter Preview Event”

  1. Gwyndolin says :

    Grats on the new blog Noel. Good write up on the event – can’t wait to see the next. I’ll have to get to work on my own blog!

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