Nintendo / Mani Game Watch Boy

Recently I came across this little gem that prior to that moment I had never heard of before, which is a bit of a rare thing for me. The item in question is a Mani Game Watch Boy (yes that is correct Game Watch Boy not Game Boy Watch, I know don’t say it). This Gameboy looking watch was released back in 1992 and an official product on behalf of Nintendo and came with an inbuilt LCD game of Super Mario Race along with all the normal other watch stuff.

This Game Watch Boy was given to me and was told that they didn’t know what was wrong with it or even if it could be opened & more worryingly that it may have been submerged in water many years ago, so basically I really didn’t hold out much hope for this latest addition being brought back to life. After getting it home I started doing a bit research on these watches and found information about them or how to repair them pretty lacking, so decided to just dive in and see what I could find and much to my amazement it was in immaculate condition, no damage, no corrosion, nothing. So I started to think  that surely I couldn’t be just the battery could it?

Well much to my surprise after replacing the battery the watch squawked and squeaked back to life with its glorious LCD graphics.

So that’s the story of my Game Watch Boy, not the most exciting tale or the hardest fix I ever had to do but I figured it was worth sharing


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