From the mind of a Gamer: Returning to Azeroth

The following is the abridged mental conversation I had rationalizing the decision to play Wow for 7 days thanks to an offer from Activision/ Blizzard.

*Suddenly a wild email appears*

Activision/ Blizzard: Hey you haven’t played WoW in a while, here have a 7 day free pass to…
Me: Na I’m good
Activision/ Blizzard: C’mon man you know how much you use to love it
Me: yeah but…ive been clean for a while now, I don’t need a subscription based MMO RPG in my life right now, I’ve got my shit together and there are so many other games to play…
Activision/ Blizzard: You know you loved Azeroth, think of all the areas still to explore the dungeons to run, the mounts and pets to obtain
Me: Shut up….I’ve been Wow free for 6 months now and, and…..
Activision/ Blizzard: but its free, it doesnt mean you have to keep playing
Me: I suppose you’re right, one week wont hurt, will it?
Activision/ Blizzard: No…of course not
Me: You know your just a giant electronic drug pusher right?
Activision/ Blizzard: We know what we are, now shut up an chase that dragon dammit…
Me:…..*sigh* well fuck…



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