A Game Collectors Rant!! Saints Row Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition

So tonight I picked up my Saints Row Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition after arriving back from Melbourne and I was super excited for it, after the release date being pushed back (twice) and my love for the series I was expecting big things and before I have even had a chance to play the game I am very disappointed and pissed off.

Not only is the box scuffed and damaged but there are some obvious signs its been opened (torn open to be exact) before I got it, Now some of you may be saying “Well its just a box, whats the big deal?”

Well the big deal to me is:

a) I am a collector, I like my stuff to be in (and remain in) the best possible condition, I put my money down months and months in advance to ensure I get the best version available for my collection and I do not expect new items to look like like this, I have things in my collection that are decades older than this and are in better condition.

b) I paid a premium price for this and I expect a premium product, we already get shafted here in Australia on game prices, we should expect things to be delivered in mint condition, you wouldn’t buy any product new with the expectation of it being given to you damaged and being expected to be happy about it

c) Given the fact that this edition is extremely hard to get a hold of im stuck in the situation of accepting sub standard goods or taking nothing at all which considering I paid my money, waited and waited and now this has happened hardly seems acceptable.

Anyway that’s my mini rant over for now, but this is far from finished!!!




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